Monday, October 20, 2014

Spencer & Gretchen || Minnesota Vineyard Wedding

The night may have ended early with torrential downpours and lightening, but this wedding may have been one of my favorites of the summer! I love Spencer and Gretchen. I got to know them over this past year after we rescheduled their engagement shoot a total of 4 times due to negative temperatures and a horrible flu season. Gretchen also won my heart when we first met with a gluten free chocolate cookie. It is like she knew me! 
These two were like old friends not just to me but definitely to each other. They love being together and they love to laugh, which makes my job not only way easier but so enjoyable! Their wedding took place at the end of a beautiful summer in the middle of a family friend's vineyard in rural Minnesota. Each detail, from the thrifted chandeliers hanging in the tents to the gum ball machines for the kid, was a Pinterest dream come true. But each beautiful detail had personal touches that perfectly described who Spencer and Gretchen were to the core of themselves. They love life, love making old things new, and love each other.
That is why even an evening called short because of storms didn't spoil their spirits. It was a perfect day, rain and all, and I'm so glad that I was able to be there to capture these moments!
Congratulations Spencer & Gretchen! 


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