Live Beautifully. Dream Passionately. Love Completely. 

If I could sum up who I am (or who I hope to be), this is how I would do it...

I believe that the simplest joys in life come from being content with who you are and what you have been given. Each day is a new experience and a new opportunity to capture life and live it to the fullest. And that is exactly what I am about!

I love to laugh. I have a total crush on my husband. It is rare that you do not see a cup of coffee in my hands. I absolutely love the fall and love taking walks when the leaves are changing. I am filled by having a great conversation with someone but also by sitting alone with a good book. I have a strange love for crime shows and the civil war era. I enjoy filling my time with being creative and making something out of nothing. Best of all, I have an unhealthy addiction to thrift stores and antique shops!

Mostly, I have fallen in love with capturing moments of life on camera. I have always loved photography, but until recently, I had no idea the incredible joy and power of a captured smile or laugh. 
Photos, to me, are an opportunity to tell a story that words can not. 

The most simple and beautiful story of who we are.


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